Saturday, 24 January 2009


Wow I have been so lucky this week and have recieved lots of awards, which I am sorry to say I have been a bit late in collecting. Firstly I was tagged by my lovely friend San and as she is such a fantastic crafter and her creations are always eye popping I am really honoured she tagged little ole me! If you don't know San gorgeous work please pop over to her blog Here, but prepared to stay awhile.
This photo is of my Number 2 son Richard at last years Family BBQ to celebrate my brothers first visit from USA in 10 years. As you can see Richard always makes sure to claim his supplies first. He will be so mortified when he sees his picture on here especially this one. But I love it as he has such a charming smile (or I think he has)!!!

1: pick the 6th folder, and select the 6th piccy
2: post the piccy and an explaination on your blog about the piccy
3: select 6 others to do the same and let them know
I will try to get back back later today to pass this on.

Next a lovely award from the fabulous
Denise Lynn from the US although quite a new blogging friend is a very dear one, and also from Sandra Dry another dear friend who always leaves such great comments on my blog thankyou both for this award it is much appreciated

And last but not least this Pretty award was given by Michele and Lyndsey Marie Thanks again girls.

Thanks for looking
Jacqui xx

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