Friday, 15 May 2009

Candy Time

This Post will stay at the Top until the Candy is Drawn on 15th May

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  • 2 set of Sentiment Stamps
  • 2 bunches minature roses (white and mauve)
  • 2 pkts Sparkle Brads
  • Various Charms
  • Jump Rings
  • Chain
  • Nesties Lables
  • Basic Grey Lime Ricky Pad
  • Crochet Flowers

I have just noticed my blog counter is nearing the 90,000 mark so I thought it was time I gave away some lovely blog candy, the lovely and generous Jill from The Hobby House, sent me some stamps and brads for the candy when she knew I was gathering bits and pieces for it, thank you so much Jill your are a STAR!!!

The candy will stay open until 15th May and I will draw the winner by Random Number Generator on 16th May, all you need to do to be in for a chance of winning the candy is post a link back to the candy on your blog and leave me a comment below, it would help me if you could leave the number of your comment when you link your blog in the comment form, the number can be found at the top of the comment form. Best of luck everyone.
Thanks for looking

Jacqui xx


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Anonymous said...


Congrats on your blog hits, that is awesome! Thanks so much for the chance to win all of these fabulous goodies. I have added a link to your blog candy on the sidebar of my Blog

Debs said...

Love your blog, what amazing amount of hits, have put a link on our blog Bee and Dee

Wilma said...

just noticed this - hope i am in time - will add it to my sidebar - congrats on your 90000 hits:)x

Jane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jane said...


Hi and Congrats! Wow...90,000 hits! Thanks for the generous blog candy!

Rose Ann said...

406 th comment here~ Love the eye candy and your blog!!

Chook said...

407. Hope I'm not to late. Thanks for the chance

Vina said...

Congratulations on your 90,000 hits! Such a great milestone!
Take care,

It's Me, Nikki! (aka NCSUnikki) said...

WOW! Great candy and great blog! Congratualtions on your hits!!

Nikki (#409)

K said...

Congratulations on your hits and sorry to hear about your computer acting up. I'll just grab the chance and round your comments to #410, 'coz that's a nice round number. I blogged your candy here Bye, Kitty

Marti B said...

Thanks for the chance a great candy!


Anonymous said...

very cool candy,, gives me a toothache! congrats on the hits,, that sure is a lot of people looking at your site!

judy said...

Congrats on 90,000 hits, wow!
Thanks for a chance to win the
wonderful blog candy.

akkina said...

gorgeous candy - thanks for the chance to win!!

good luck everyone!!!hugs Akkina

-Agnes- said...

Gorgeous candy! I'm no. 415 and have linked your candy in this post.

Joyce B (Burchboo) said...

What a milestone...congrats. Fabulous blog candy, Jacqui.
Here's to much future success.

misse336 said...

Awesome blog candy. Congrats on your # of hits!

Becky said...

That is a lot of hits, Congratulations, and may you have many more :).

bissecat said...

Congrats to you!!big hits!Wonderful candy.I post the link to my blog

Anonymous said...

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disa said...


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