Saturday, 4 October 2008

I Have been Tagged

I have been tagged this week by Theresa, Carole and Chris and have only just had time to pick the tag up. You are supposed to list 7 weird things about yourself, (only 7, everything about me is weird). Thank you girls for thinking of me. If you havn't visited the fabulous blogs of these girls now is your chance.
Right here goes:
1. I cannot tell my left from right, and find it hard to buy shoes because I am not sure which foot they go on. My poor children used to walk about with their shoes on the wrong feet until my eldest grew big enough to check them all before we went out.
2. I hate Moths, even really tiny ones.
3. Hate the telephone, havn't even got a mobile
4. I am the last girl for 62 years in the family
5. I am not at all girly, I much prefer to read spy thrillers and detective novels than romances, in fact I hate romantic fiction.
6. Have never watched a horror film, (I'm too scared).
7. I have never tasted chewing gum, I wasn't allowed it when I was young and I have never wanted to since.
Well I think these things are weird, let me know what you think. I am supposed to pass this on to 7 others but I think you have all been tagged now, but if you haven't
please feel free to TAG IT.

1 comment:

Desire Fourie said...

Nothing too weird, except those poor bambinos walking around very uncomfortably without realising why ... Not having a mobile is the best choice you have ever made, especially if you do have a landline. Can relate too the 'not being girly' ... I am the same prefer thrillers to romantic movies.

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