Saturday 17 October 2009

Colouring Tilda with Distress Inks Part 1

As promised another tutorial on colouring faces and clothes, so sorry it has taken so long to do this, as I have said I am no expert this is just the way I find easiest. To check on the equipment and papers I use please click Here. I have split the tutorial into 2 parts to make it easy to digest will post Part 2 tomorrow.

Well I do hope you have a cup of tea or coffee by the side of you this is going to be a long post!!!


Pick up a little Tattered Rose Ink on an almost dry brush, paint a thinnish line around the outline of the face, after wiping your brush to remove any residue ink, gradually work the ink into the centre of tildas face using small circular motions, leaving the middle of the face with hardly any colour at all. This should leave you image looking like the second one below.

Now dip the very edge of your paint brush into Tea Dye ink and mix with Tattered Rose, go around the edge of the face again this time include the cheek area, blending as above so you are left with an image looking like the second on here.

Now added Worn Lipstick and Tea Dye to the Tattered Rose, by just taking up a small amount of each colour on the brush and mixing on your tile (Pallet). Add a circle of colour to her cheeks and blend toward the hairline make sure you soften all edges to make sure there is no hard lines.

Paint a very thin line of Tea Dye around the whole of the face and blend with short feathering strokes

This is the look you are looking for when you have finished colouring the face, the legs are done in exactly the same fashion.

Dress & Apron

The same method is used to colour clothes, one tip I would give you for all your Distress Ink Colouring is to keep cleaning your brush throughout spreading colour, this enables you to get the shading you are aiming for, and to keep your brush almost dry, but not to dry that you cannot spread the ink around.

I have used Worn Lipstick for the dress Pocket and Scarf, you can see were I lay down the first thin layer of ink, then build up the colour as you go along as with the face.

This is how it should look after you have finished colouring


The Apron is a little bit different, I have laid down a very thin line of diluted Antique Linen along the lines of the petticoat, and also around the pocket, you want to give the impression that the apron is white or cream, so you don't want to spread the ink out so much, just go around the edges and softly feather the ink with a completely clean brush just to soften them

Socks and Shoes

Repeat the same process for the Apron on the socks.

and build up the colour as before on the shoes making sure you leave a lighter area where you have imagined the light hitting them.

Now I hope this has been a help if I have not explained anything properly please don't hesitate to e-mail me or leave a comment. In part 2 of the tutorial tomorrow I will show you how I colour Hair and the spoon and also show you the finished card I made with this image.

Thanks for looking
Jacqui xx


Mandy said...

Thanks Jacqui, I will definately give this a try, I've bought quite a few of distressed inks, just need to be able to use them! Look forward to part 2
hugs Mandy xx

Anne said...

Fab Tut & stunning cards Jacqui
Anne xx

Cathy said...

Great tutorial Jacqui - not thought to use tea dye on the face ... definitely going to try this.
Cathy xx

Jane said...

Jacqui that is so wierd, I have just got back from town where I bought myself some watercolour paper and I bought a waterbrush and some more inks yesterday at the Hobby House and I came and did a search to help me and you've just posted this fabulous tutorial!!! Thank you soooo much hun, it is a brilliant tutorial and now I know how its done I can practice to my hearts content tonight! Thank you sweetie! hugs, Jane xx

Tara said...

Once again Jacqui, thank you so much for this which will be very helpful I'm sure! I went out to get the right type of card today as I had a go with my smooth card the other day and it was hopeless ;o( Hope I've got the right stuff now!
Hugs Tara xx

Tab said...

Oh honey, I think I must blog hop with my eye shut at times, I totally missed your first DI tutorial on Henry Mouse *blush*, so sorry sweetie! I am completely loving looking at how you watercolour with these beauties, I am at the moment learning, so this is all very helpful to me, sweetie! Can't wait for exciting! My biggest problem is finding the right paper, I have tried so many, LOL, think I am getting there through now, I find the thicker the paper the better for me LOL. I'm like you, I'm finding brushes better too, those water brushes are just too wet aren't they. Thanks for sharing it all with us, sweetie, much appreciated!
Much love
Tab xxx

coldwaters2 said...

Awesome tutorial Jacqui I only have a couple of Tim Holtz ink pads so won't be able to try this technique but it will come in handy when I finally get my other paints out....thank you so much for taking the time to do this it really is so helpful,
Lorraine x

Chrissie said...

Fabulous tutorial Jacqui, really looking forward to part 2 tomorrow. Who knows I may know how to use my distress inks after this lol!

Christine said...

Hi Jacqui thanks for sharing your technique..think I will need to work at it for a LONG time..tho.

Hugs Christine xx

Tracy said...

Wow this will be so useful as I used your Henry mouse one to do my GDT card for Stampin' for the weekend. Here's my card
Thank you, for people that are just starting with distress inks like me this is fantastic.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

PatR said...

Great Tutorial Jacqui. I have a few distress inks but must get some more, so that I can make better use of them.
Thanks hun.
Love, Pat xx

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

I always love all your creations and your coloring rocks Jacqui!! Thanks so much for sharing these tips and the tutorial with us!!

Claire Ellen Designs said...

Just wonderful jacqui,
this is such a great help, perfect explanations, thankyou so much,
Claire xx

Jackie said...

Never used distress inks, but always wondered how they worked.. now I know !! A brill tut Jacqui, thank you so much. Might have to give my copics and waterpaints a miss for a while ... lol and go distressing !!...
Just LOVE your colouring.. fabby.
thanks again J x

Anonymous said...

Super tut Jacqui and very well explained :)
Hugs, Marlene x

Neenie said...

Fab tutorial, Jacqui! Will be giving this a go, once the kids are back to school on Monday. Really looking forward to part 2, thanks for doing this.x :)

Dragonlady said...

Hi Jacqui,

Amazing tutorial thank you so much.

Ali x

*Alison* said...

thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial.. you are amazing.. :) thanks for taking the time to explain this to us and for being so willing to help us out..HUGS

Heather said...

Another faab tutorial Jacqui - so clear, precise and easy to follow and understand - you're a natural
hugs Heather xx

Nikki Fairbairn said...

Oh that is fabulous Jacqui, thanks so much for your tutorial :-) Can't wait for my paper to arrive now and will be stalking postie. Can't wait for part 2, Big Hugs, Nikki x

debbies said...

I'm so glad that you did this tutorial and can't wait for part 2.
What paper do you use?

stampinfrog said...

Jacqui THANK YOU so much for this fantastic tutorial on using the distress inks!

Joan Ervin said...

Thanks for the AWESOME tutorial...your coloring is sooo FABULOUS!!!

Crystal said...

WOW Jacqui thanks for the tutorial girl you ROCK!!! Hugs!

Danni said...

Wonderful tutorial!

Yvonne said...

Jacqui, this is fab, I will try this with my distree inks, and see how it works out!
Got to say though, i can see why you all love your copics.
Thank you so much for doing this for us all. It's so easy to follow ( how it turns out though is a different matter , lol)

Do What You Love said...

Jacqui, thank you so much for taking the time to set up that tutorial! I really love your work and it is so nice of you to share! Lovely coloring!

Kelly Schelske said...

Fabulous tutorial Jacqui! Can't wait for part 2|

Hugs, Kelly

Desire Fourie said...

What a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

Nilla said...

Dear Jacqui, thank you for giving me the pleasure of visiting your blog with all these stunning creations! Just like opening a story book and look at the pictures! Need to go away more often, LOL! Hugs Nilla

Allison said...

thanks Jacqui this is very useful- will come back for part two
Your images are always beautifully coloured

Pauline C said...

Wonderful tutorial Jacqui - I really love this look with distress inks .. currently only have three but I think I may buy more ... I need to decide whether to go down this route or Copics but I'm pretty sure i prefer the beautiful blended look this creates - a lovely soft look.
Pauline x

Tracey said...

Thanks for the fantastic tutorial Jacqui & I look forward to the 2nd part :-)
Enjoy your Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Jacqui this is a fantastic tutorial - Ie just bought some promarkers at craft show this weekend, and im struggling - have you got any helpful hints for me :) seen as we are design team buddies :)

Hope your well, and looking forward to seeing you at the Craftaganza


Pati said...

Dear Jacqui

Thank you so much for this wonderful and very useful coloring tutorial. This is just great! I am definitely going to try this. :-)

BIG hugs and have a nice Sunday!

Tammi said...

Thanks so much for your tutorials Jacqui,they are fantastic and very helpful! xx

Samantha Mellor said...

Thank you very much Jacqui for this comprehensive tutorial super!Hugs SamXX

Anonymous said...

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