Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Review of Spectrum Noirs

I have had so many e-mails this past week asking for my honest opinion of Spectrum Noirs, those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I don’t very often endorse products other than backing papers and dies Smile and if I do I have to be really confident in that product, so this is my honest and truthful opinion on the new markers.  As I say this is just my opinion and as a member of the Crafters Companion DT you may think I could be  prejudiced  so I thought the best thing I could do was to show you the same image coloured with Spectrum Noirs and Copics and see what you think, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.  
Here a few of the reasons I love them,  The tonal range has been thought out so well, I know Leann Chivers spent months and months matching the tonal value of each set of pens, this makes it so much easier for us to get good shading and blending, of course it will still take a few tries to find the combinations we like, but when I first started using Copics and Promarkers it took me ages just to sort my pens out tonally.  Then there is the fantastic Price the complete set, with no duplications for under £200 plus they are REFILLABLE, now is that value for money or not!!!!The nib is another plus point, I am not a big fan of bullet nibs as I find them a bit scratchy, but these are a little longer and softer and the ink flows really easy through them.
Please don’t rush to throw out  your Promarkers or Copics, I will still use mine but I now have the choice  of 3 sets of  Markers, I have always used both depending on how I felt that day or just for a change, you know how us crafters have to have everything!!!.  If you are just starting with Markers then Spectrum Noir are perfect for you, as I say no duplications, colours sorted into tonal ranges etc so as soon as you get them home you will be ready to use them.

  For those who have been to the LOTV Colouring class or have seen my demos these markers work perfectly with Polychromos or Prisma Pencils and Sansodor.

Right thats enough from me now its time for you to make up your mind.  I would be really interested to know what you think.

Here is Mo’s Image “Dream” the first card is coloured with Spectrum Noir, I have listed the colours used below: 


Spectrum Noir Colours:
Jacket and Hat: WG7, WG5, WG4, WG1,  Trousers: WG0.5, WG1, WG4, Grass Jumper: 47, 59.  Skin: 132, 29, 25, 18  Glasses: 44, 32, 36, Plane: 13, 23, Shoes: CG1, 183, 185

Now for the Copics Colouring:


Copics Used:
Jacket and Hat: F74, E71, E70, E40  Trousers: E43, E42, E40, Grass Jumper: YG63, . Skin: E02, E00, E000, R20 Glasses: Y26, YR21, Y11, Plane: R17, R5, R2, Shoes & Jumper: B21, B41
Looking forward to your comments
Jac xx


Suzi Mac said...

Thank you so much Jacqui for showing the comparrison using both pens. I've kinda hummed n haa'd about buying them. Just couln't make up my mind. This is exactly the example I needed. Don't think my bank manager will be happy, but hey ho!! as you say a girl needs everything. lol.
Suzi x

Brigitte said...

Both your card are wonderful!!! I have to admit, I prefer the one colored with Copics (maybe I'm byas, lol!!!). I like the green better. Also, is there any brown combos for the Spectrum Noirs?
Thanks for doing this review.

Karen said...

Smiles - now why didn't I think of this??!!
Love them both but do prefer the Speccies one for sure!! Just like the deeper colours I think! :0) xx

NGCARDS said...

Hiya hun, I e-mailed you before I went on my holiday with my address but having returned today I noticed my prize hasn't arrived from the lotv draw. Did you get my e-mail hun? I'm a little worried it never arrived lol xxx

Christine said...

Hi Jacqui I am very much a stalker of your blog & love to see your awesome work & drool at your colouring..I struggle at colouring & have some copics not many but lots of promarkers..& still go back to me prismas..I have bought some Spectrum Noir pens but need to try them NOW..as you say fab price & refillable..as to your colouring in my humble opinion the Noir colouring looks to be truer colours..not so washy..many thanks for your review..much appreciated

smiles Christine xx

Sandra H said...

Wow using these pens has created this!! absolutley stunning l'm still waiting for mine can't wait to get started with them your card is stunningly beautiful:) Sandra H

Linda Simpson said...

THANK YOU so much for sharing your images with us, I have just bought the Spectrum Noir and after seeing this I am so glad. I have tried Promarkers in the past but never been able to get the results that I like and ended up throwing them away in the bin. :( Your pictures are beautiful :)

I have just become a new follower and will be popping back to see what else you have to show us :)

Happy Crafting :)

Joey said...

Hiya Jacqui

thankyou so much for a comparision and an honest opinion, I have been differing on them too, love your colouring on both

Joey xx

Lisette Morris said...

These look awesome in both pens. I'm on the USA DT team and hoping the Spectrum Niors come this way. I love the way they are packaged and looking forward to playing with them too. Thanks for showing the comparsion!

Carol said...

Oooo Jacs, wish I had a quarter of your talent Hun! Both images look amazing. Your colouring is just brilliant, sure you could use any medium and the results would be fab. For this one I must be honest I prefer the one coloured with Speccies, not sure why cause you know I luv my copics too. Brilliant work and thanks for sharing. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxx

Bee and Dee said...

As I don't own either of these, I actually think the finish on the copic card is better. Both cards are lovely. it will be interesting to see what everyone thinks in a month or two. Thanks for sharing the information. Hugs Bee

Sarah said...

Beautiful cards Jacqui, I love how you colour so love both images, the top one looks more vibrant I think x

Squirrel x said...

Thanks for this hun - both are fabulous, but in different ways, if you get what I mean. Never been one to conform, I tend to mix Copics and ProMarkers and I can see me adding a few SNs to the collection to get a wider range. Hugs Sxx

Riet said...

So beautiful Jacqui,I love the images and your papers.

Hugs Riet.xx

karen irvine said...

wow, jacqui, your coloring is amazing! i'm so glad you did this demo because i've been looking at the spectrum markers. definitely like the way they look better than copics! the image looks so realistic with the deep colors and the scarf and jacket shadows are perfect! thanks for the example and the comments!

Marcea said...

hi there sweetie ... oh now this is a toughie isn'tit!! Like you, I also have copics and the speccies and love both for different reasons. Both cards are fabulus but I think I am swaying towards the spctrum noirs on this one. Thanks for the review xxxxxxx

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Jacqui I am so glad that you have written this article on these new pens, I have been wondering about them now I know that I am going to treat myself next week and give them a try. Thank you.
Lorraine x

Yvonne said...

Oh my. Thank you so much. I knew you would only tell me the truth and nothing but the truth!
Thank you so much ...
I really could not make my mind up on them, as you say ( we crafters NEED them all). But I have taken the plunge to try a few packs to see how I go.
And to be honest, I like both the images ( for different reasons).
So I guess I will be a lover of both! ;)

Nannieflash said...

Hi Jacqui, what a good comparrison and it certainly shows both pens to their best, I have now got both Promarkers and Spectrum plus copics and Tria pens and they all have their pro's and cons and I believe you can use all of them as and when you feel the colour is right for the image. hugs Shirleyx
Stunning cards by the wayxx

uksharon said...

I like the crafter above have all four brands and love them all. I agree they all have their pro's and con's and I like to mix and match for the best colour blends and natural skin tones as I think each brand favours pinks or peaches.
I was very surprised by the SN coloured sample and preferred the result to copics which is my usual preferred medium.
Best wishes, Sharon

Steph said...

wow, that is a tough decision. I am one of those crafters that has to have everything. My newest is twinkling H20's. It look like I might need to try these markers out.

Dorcas said...

Thanks Jaqui I really love to see side by side comparisons. The pictures speak for themselves, don't they.

cardmaking bird said...

Hi Jacqui. I think both cards are great but you're very talented with colouring. I, on the other hand, have struggled with promarkers for ages and never had much success but I am absolutely thrilled with the results I've had with SNs. I'd love it if you'd have a look at the card I've posted here: http://cardmakingbird.blogspot.com/2011/08/omg-i-am-sooooooo-excited.html
Hugs, Marie xx

Lesley said...

Hi Jacqui not sure which image I prefer as your colouring is brill in both. Your tutorials in colouring have helped me so much over the last couple of months - you are a very talented lady. Love Lesley x

Janet said...

Beautiful work as always sweetie! x

bluebell-flowerwood said...

hi just to let you know that i got some of the pens from my local craft shop,not having to pay postage they where slightly cheeper than the teli price..i will be geting more love bluebell-flowrewood x.

Linda . J said...

Love your cards Jacqui, might have to invest in the pens to along with my copic
Hugs Linda

Unknown said...

Hi there Jacqui

Having looked at your extremely talented colouring here, I appreciate both images for different reasons - but my personal preference leans towards the copics for choice of colour - in the clothes only, they don't seem to be as dark - but thats probably what you were trying to achieve - and the paler colours are just personal preference. I love the colour choice of the trousers on the second image. However - the skin tones are much better blended by the SN's. The copics don't look as seemless as the SN's particularly on the face.

I own a lot of promarkers - I shaln't be buying anymore after seeing the results of the SN's - and do have the skin tones already on order... I think I will add to my pen collection gradually an affordability point of view - I'll buy a pack at a time (just cos I've spent far too much recently)!!

Keep up the good work - a few more comparisons would be extremely helpful but appreciate this does take time from crafting!

Thank you so much.


Aunty Sue said...

Oh I am a promarker girl purely because they are cheaper and hope one day to own copics but now after seeing these think they have found themselves another rival. Just wish I could colour this good.

Aunty Sue said...

Oh I am a promarker girl purely because they are cheaper and hope one day to own copics but now after seeing these think they have found themselves another rival. Just wish I could colour this good.

Kirsty said...

Hi This is such a valuable comparison . Thankyou . I am still debating whether to try markers lol. Kitty ;0)

Turtle In The Sand said...

Awesome coloring and very helpful posting. Thank you

Marianne's Craftroom said...

I definitely love the Specie image best as it is so vibrant. Really interesting to see the comparison. Marianne x

Tasha said...

Wow love this card, th image is super cute and coloured so beautifully. i love the design
love tasha xx

Helga said...

a realy gorgeous Boy-card !!!
Helga from Austria

Queenie Jeannie said...

You are obviously a very talented artist, as both images look great! But I think the Copic one looks better and seems much better blended. Luckily, I have the Copics, lol!

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